Biometrics: Banking on secure identity management

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Biometrics: Banking on secure identity management

For financial services firms, biometrics is one option for authentication. Learning what exactly biometrics is, exposing the myths of biometrics and leaning how it can work with Active Directory are steps information security pros at financial services firms can take to keep their company data secure.

About the author:
Joel Dubin, CISSP, is an independent computer security consultant.

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  • Biometrics: Taking authentication to the next level

    Quiz -  A five-question multiple-choice quiz to test your understanding of the content presented by expert Joel Dubin in this biometrics lesson of's Security School.

  • Integrating biometric authentication with Active Directory

    Tip -  Integrating biometrics with an existing enterprise IAM architecture was once a trying task, but it's much easier today because many biometrics products are designed to work hand in hand with Active Directory. Joel Dubin explains what Active Directory can...