Business process security

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  • Removable media encryption adds extra layer to laptop security

    Disk encryption is necessary for data protection. However, many companies stop short of removable media encryption, leaving data vulnerable. Expert Randy Nash explains where financial firms should begin when it comes to removable media encryption.

  • Convergence of security and network management has pros and cons

    With security integration once again becoming a hot topic, security teams are finding themselves being merged with other operational groups, such as network management. In this tip, Mike Rothman writes why that convergence may or may not be a bad thing, and explains why some security managers may struggle with the transition.

  • From IT geek to security rock star

    Those who recognize change, bond with colleagues outside IT and factor physical security into their daily routine can go from IT geek to security rock star, experts say.

  • Time will narrow gap between physical, IT security

    The convergence of physical and IT security departments within the enterprise may be inevitable, according to some CISOs and analysts, but this union will take time to form.

  • Your physical security budget: Who pays and how much?

    In many organizations, the cost of data center security is a shared expense -- or at least it should be. How much then should you be spending on security and how much of that should be picked up by other business units?