Data encryption techniques

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  • Weighing the pros and cons of end-to-end encryption and tokenization

    With PCI DSS and other compliance requirements, organizations are looking for surefire solutions to protect payment card and other sensitive data. Tokenization and end-to-end encryption have emerged as promising technologies, but as Dave Shackleford ... 

  • How to secure data backup

    Financial-services firms are among the many organizations that have reported losing backup tapes with sensitive customer data. In this tip, W. Curtis Preston explains how to secure data backup and the pros and cons associated with the three basic me... 

  • Too many encryption methods make secure communications difficult

    Financial-services firms looking to use encryption for secure communications with business partners can run into many complications because of all the encryption systems and standards. In this tip, Randall Gamby explains the various components that m... 

  • Removable media encryption adds extra layer to laptop security

    Disk encryption is necessary for data protection. However, many companies stop short of removable media encryption, leaving data vulnerable. Expert Randy Nash explains where financial firms should begin when it comes to removable media encryption. 

  • Key management challenges and best practices

    Key management is essential to a successful encryption project. In this tip, expert Randy Nash explains the challenges financial organizations face when implementing key management and some of the best practices to overcome them. 

  • Laptop encryption options

    Laptop security is essential for financial firms. In this tip, encryption expert Noah Schiffman explains the different options companies have to secure their laptops. 

  • Case Study: Allstate Insurance Company's Local Data Protection Project

    In this presentation from Financial Information Security Decisions, Allstate's Chief Security Architect, Eric Leighninger, explains how his company is keeping their data protected through use of encryption, data obfuscation, filtering and more. 

  • Encryption methods for financial organizations

    Extreme encryption often comes with penalties. So how do you determine what type of encryption to use? Storage expert Deni Connor explores three methods in this tip. 

  • Look before leaping into database encryption

    Encryption is the ultimate mechanism for data protection, but the process of developing an encryption strategy can be daunting. In this tip, contributor James C. Foster explains the database encryption options available and offers guidance for ensuri... 

  • Encryption best practices

    Encryption is a necessary security tool in financial companies, but government mandates limit how much data you can encrypt and where it can be deployed. Learn how to determine what's the best plan for encryption at your financial services organizati... 

  • Data encryption: Lessons learned from implementation

    Implemention encryption can be a tricky process, so these tips from chief security architect for Allstate Insurance Co., Eric Leighninger, can help make your implementation much smoother. 

  • Data encryption: Q&A with Eric Leighninger

    Eric Leighninger, the chief security architect for Allstate Insurance Co. answers audience members' questions on topics like data classification, Department of Defense standards and post-implementation patch updates, following his presentation on ent... 

  • Data encryption: Pre-implementation best practices

    Encryption is one of the must-have technologies for financial institutions, but implementation can be a tricky process. In this video, Eric Leighninger of Allstate Insurance Co. offers best practices on laying the groundwork for full-disk encryption ... 

About Data encryption techniques

Discover the options, challenges and risks associated with different encryption approaches and how to effectively use encryption to protect sensitive company data. Learn about the latest data encryption techniques like hashing, symmetric key, asymmetric key, PGP, AES, 3DES and more.