Emerging security threats and attacks

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  • Insider fraud detection and prevention

    Financial institutions need to monitor and recognize changes in employee behavior in order to detect potential insider fraud. 

  • Mobile banking risks and mitigation measures

    Mobile banking is taking off, but can financial firms keep up with the risks? Learn about steps Wells Fargo and Bank of America are taking to ensure mobile banking security. 

  • How to build Web application security into your mobile banking policy

    Web applications on mobile devices are under threat from many sources, especially when those applications are used for mobile banking. In this tip, learn the steps to creating a Web application security policy that protects mobile devices from the un... 

  • How fault-injection attacks threaten applications

    Fault-injection attacks have been a consistent cause for concern. Enabling malicious access into a network or computer system, they often go virtually unnoticed. In this tip, security expert Joel Dubin describes how various types of fault-injection... 

  • Testing for client-side vulnerabilities

    Client-side vulnerabilities have become a common target of attacks. Financial organizations must keep up by assessing their exposure to such threats. This tip offers three methods for testing your exposure. 

  • 10 emerging malware trends for 2007

    From phishing threats to zero-day flaws, hackers have certainly developed many sophisticated ways to exploit vulnerabilities for their gain. And, as SearchSecurity.com's information security expert Ed Skoudis explains, new methods are constantly bein... 

About Emerging security threats and attacks

New and emerging security threats and attacks aimed at the banking industry and other financial services companies are increasingly common. Protecting your data and company means staying on top of the latest botnets, Trojans and Web attacks. Check out our resources on the latest black hat innovations aimed at financial institutions, and learn how to thwart rootkits, P2P botnets, Web 2.0 flaws, zero-day attacks and more.