IT disaster recovery planning and management

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  • H1N1 planning for your organization: An essential guide

    There are some things that every company should do as part of their H1N1 planning. Discover how to prepare for a possible swine flu outbreak so your business can continue to operate smoothly and securely by downloading this exclusive eBook now. 

  • Disaster recovery security considerations for financial services

    Financial firms need to include security in their disaster recovery planning. In this tip, Randall Gamby discusses how enterprises can ensure information remains secure during a business disruption. 

  • How to examine a DD image on Windows or Linux

    A slew of open source and commercial tools will help you examine a DD image on either Windows or Linux. 

  • Security benefits of virtual desktop infrastructures

    In a highly regulated industry where security is critical, financial-services firms are turning to virtual desktop infrastructures. In this tip, Eric Ogren explains the security benefits of virtualized desktops and virtual workspace projects, includi... 

  • How to create a bit-image copy of a live server

    Part of your incident response plan should include the creation of a bit image copy of a live server. Free and open source tools are available to simplify this process. 

  • Lessons learned: The LendingTree case

    Financial organizations cannot ignore the risk to their reputation when securing data. LendingTree recently suffered a breach at the hands of former employees and is now battling for their reputation in the court of public opinion. Learn what went wr... 

  • Lessons learned: The Countrywide Financial breach

    The data breach at Countrywide Financial Corp. seems like something out of a TV crime drama: Two men regularly copied customer data and secretly sold it as leads to other mortgage brokers. The tale suggests that data theft is, more often than not, an... 

  • Investigation management tools ease fraud pains

    Inconsistent processes throughout a financial organization can lead to security breaches, fraud and more. Expert Michael Rasmussen recommends companies have an enterprise platform to remain secure and combat fraud. 

  • Worst practices for backup and disaster recovery

    Too many companies observe worst practices for backup and solid disaster recovery thereby dooming the plan. In part one of a two-part article, contributor Tony Bradley provides a list of five things that they may be doing wrong. 

  • Disaster recovery success begins and ends with the basics

    This list of disaster recovery basics can help security practitioners improve their disaster recovery plans. 

  • GRC for financial firms: The latest threats

    In this video, expert Eric Holmquist explains what to look out for in the current threat landscape, including Automated Clearing House (ACH) fraud. He also discusses pandemic planning and how tabletop exercises are critical for successful disaster re... 

About IT disaster recovery planning and management

Disaster recovery (DR) plans detail how companies will react to potential catastrophes. A DR plan is essential for any IT organization, especially financial services institutions, given the possibility of weather-related disasters, epidemics and other outside threats to mission-critical systems. Get the latest DR news, tips and resources for SMBs and enterprises alike here.