State data security breach laws

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  • Understanding the impact of new state data protection laws

    States have passed new regulations to boost data security, requiring financial-services firms and other companies to encrypt data at rest, in transit and even on portable devices like laptops. In this tip, Robert Mullins explains the impact of the ne... 

  • Complying with breach notification laws

    Learn the general requirements of breach notification laws modeled after the California Security Breach Information Act and strategies for compliance. 

  • Keeping up with state data protection laws

    In addition to regulatory requirements and industry standards, financial institutions need to comply with applicable state data protection laws. In this podcast, legal expert Andrew Baer discusses new requirements in Massachusetts, Nevada and Califor... 

About State data security breach laws

New state data breach notification laws are hard to keep up with. Find information on state data security breach laws, such as California's SB-1386, New York, Ohio, Maryland and more, as well as pending and proposed legislation.