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  • time bank

    A time bank is a reciprocity-based work trading system in which hours are the currency. With time banking, a person with one skill set can bank and trade hours of work for equal hours of work in...

  • Barclays bank launches investment app

    Barclays bank has launched an app for investment companies to give them access to content to support their investment decisions.

  • FCA to probe banking IT

    UK financial services regulators are investigating IT at banks following a number of high profile outages that have left consumers unable to access their money

  • Improved Shylock Trojan targets banking users

    The latest variant of the banking Trojan is causing numerous problems, Symantec said.

  • Cybergang plans to use Trojan against U.S. banks

    A cybergang in Eastern Europe revealed plans to attack U.S. banks with a Gozi-like Trojan, according to RSA.

  • Bank of Ireland outsources technology

    The Bank of Ireland is outsourcing its IT operation to Accenture in a move that will affect 200 staff

  • Reserve Bank of India and the future of mobile banking

    The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is disappointed with the take up of mobile banking as consumers show a lack of confidence

  • Bank mobile apps are being overwhelmed

    The use of mobile banking apps has exceeded what banks anticipated and organisations risk service outages unless they better align IT resources to support the customer channel, according to research from CSC.

  • Tilon financial malware targets banks via MitB attack, Trusteer finds

    Security researchers at Trusteer have discovered a new financial malware strain that captures form submissions to steal banking account credentials.

  • Tinba banking Trojan sniffs network traffic, steals data

    Tinba is among the smallest data-stealing banking Trojans discovered in the wild, according to Danish security firm CSIS Security Group.

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