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Auditing, testing and assessment for financial services compliance, Bank Secrecy Act compliance and anti-money laundering training, Basel II regulatory compliance and requirements, Business partner and vendor security issues, Compliance best practices, Data breaches and prevention strategies, Data classification methods and guidelines, Data encryption techniques, Debit and credit card fraud prevention, Electronic data discovery compliance, Emerging security threats and attacks, Enterprise email security and messaging security, FACTA law requirements, FFIEC compliance guidelines, Financial database and server security, Financial transaction protocols and security, GLBA compliance requirements, HIPAA: Laws and guidelines, IT disaster recovery planning and management, Information security awareness training, Logical and physical security convergence, Mobile device security in financial institutions, Network security devices for financial institutions, PCI DSS: Audits and requirements, PII and PIFI data privacy and retention, Risk assessment and management in financial institutions, Risk management frameworks, metrics and strategy, SEC and FDIC regulations, SOX financial reporting compliance, SaaS and Web application security, Secure data disposal and destruction, Secure software design, Secure user and consumer authentication methods, Secure wireless networks, Spam, phishing and social engineering attacks, State data security breach laws, User IDs and passwords, privileges and federation, VPNs and secure remote access for financial institutions, VoIP and telephony security in financial institutions