QIX (NASDAQ Information Exchange protocol)

QIX (NASDAQ Information Exchange protocol) is a proprietary specification intended to streamline automated trading in the financial industry. QIX, like the open-standard Financial Information Exchange (FIX) protocol and the computer-to-computer interface (CTCI), supports multiple communications formats. However, unlike FIX, the QIX protocol is designed specifically for NASDAQ trading.

QIX can improve business flow by minimizing the number of redundant and unnecessary messages, enhancing the client base, reducing time spent in voice-based telephone conversations and practically eliminating paper clutter. The protocol is compatible with nearly all commonly used networking technologies. QIX is similar to an application program interface (API) but reduces operating costs because it does not require a service delivery platform at the subscriber site. NASDAQ encourages subscribers to switch from API to QIX. To effectively use QIX, a subscriber must have at least two TCP/IP connections with different port numbers.

This was last updated in January 2008

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