VOIPSA (Voice over IP Security Alliance)

What is VOIPSA?

VOIPSA (Voice over IP Security Alliance) is a cross-industry coalition of individuals and organizations from the security and VoIP communications sectors.

VOIPSA's stated mission is "to drive adoption of VoIP by promoting the current state of VoIP security research, VoIP security education and awareness, and free VoIP testing methodologies and tools."

VOIPSA oversees three working groups:

  • The Threat Taxonomy group seeks to identify and define current and potential VoIP security threats and to educate industry members, the media and the general public about those threats.
  • The Security Requirements group seeks to define necessary elements of design, software and hardware for secure unified communications.
  • The Best Practices group seeks to define and recommend security practices to protect the industry from threats identified in the taxonomy.

VOIPSA was founded in 2005. There are two categories of membership: Full members pay an administrative fee, are visible on the Alliance website and may have input; Technical Advisory Board members are peer-nominated industry experts who must be approved by the Board of Directors. VOIPSA is an open, non-profit and vendor-neutral organization.

Learn More About IT:
> The VOIPSA website provides access to documents and other resources.
> The Voice of VOIPSA is a frequently updated security news blog.
> Gary Audin delivers a crash course in VoIP security fundamentals.

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