• Anti-money laundering compliance trends

    In this 11-minute podcast, Neil Katkov, senior vice president at Celent, talks about anti-money laundering compliance trends, including how much companies are spending on their AML programs and what they should look for when evaluating AML software.

  • Keeping up with state data protection laws

    In addition to regulatory requirements and industry standards, financial institutions need to comply with applicable state data protection laws. In this podcast, legal expert Andrew Baer discusses new requirements in Massachusetts, Nevada and California, and offers advice for managing changing data protection rules. He also addresses the potential for a national data breach notification law.

  • Podcast: Detecting and investigating insider fraud

    Insider fraud is a continuing battle for financial institutions but the economic recession has increased the risk. In this 17-minute podcast, Brenda Buetow, a certified fraud examiner and senior manager of forensic services at Crowe Horwath, describes cases she's investigated and offers tips for spotting fraudsters.

  • Industry reaction to FFIEC remote deposit capture guidance positive so far, says FDIC official

    The FFIEC in January released guidance for managing risks associated with remote deposit capture systems. In this podcast, which is about 8 minutes long, Michael Jackson of the FDIC talks about the industry's reaction to the guidance and his sense of the level of compliance.

  • Security on the street with SearchFinancialSecurity.com: Mobile banking

    Mobile banking is set to grow rapidly as customers become more and more reliant on mobile technologies and the convenience they bring. However, there are information security issues to consider. Editor Sarah Hurley recently spoke with Mark Kadrich, CEO and Chief Evangelist at The Security Consortium, to discuss the state of mobile banking and the associated security risks.

  • Security on the street with SearchFinancialSecurity.com: Risk management

    Societe Generale, Black Monday and bank failures are just a few of the reasons that the financial industry is in turmoil. Editor Sarah Hurley recently spoke with Chris McClean, an analyst at Forrester Research, to discuss the state of risk management within the financial industry and what companies can do to protect themselves from similar events.


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