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Best practices in managing privileged access

In this presentation from Financial Information Security Decisions, Forrester's Andras Cser explains how financial firms can effectively management privileged users and passwords.

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Privileged user and password management (PUPM), also known as password vaulting, has recently become a topic of great interest for financial services organizations due to inefficiencies in privileged user and password management processes today. With an increased number of audit findings and internal security threats, security pros are finding holes and need to more effectively automate the process. Andras Cser, senior analyst, Forrester Research, provides an overview of the problems, processes, and products for meeting regulatory and security requirements in the area of PUPM. Download this presentation to learn:

  • What kinds of audit finds can PUPM remediate?
  • What are the business benefits of PUPM?
  • How do PUPM solutions work?
  • What are the best practices to implement PUPM?
  • Who are the main vendors for PUPM?

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