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How to make business managers responsible for security

In this presentation from Information Security Decisions, security guru Tom Doughty provides ways to motivate security sensitivity in an organization's various lines of business.

It's often said but rarely followed: The security manager isn't accountable for security; rather, he is accountable for making sure everyone else in the company is accountable for security. In this presentation, Tom Doughty, vice president of information systems at Prudential Financial, shows you the most effective ways your security team can motivate -- rather than mandate -- security sensitivity in an organization's various lines of business. Doughty shares Prudential Financial's philosophy that final accountability for maintaining secure business practices belongs to the business stakeholders. You see how the organization has moved toward functional-level execution of enterprise-level control initiatives. Plus, you learn how security can be baked into business processes without incurring unwanted costs, project delays or headaches.

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  • The keys to "backward planning" for security, i.e. how security professionals can advocate for their interests in terms management understands
  • Why fluid controls for fluid stakeholder objectives drive business management ownership
  • The difference between belief-driven execution and rule-driven execution as a control multiplier
  • The value of business management and staff as intelligence gatherers for your security program
  • The key difference in stakeholders' perspective of security programs versus technical risk management programs
  • Why C-level buy-in is not enough

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