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Risk assessments for the real world: Tools even I can use

Security guru Tom Bowers provides an overview of risk assessment tools and helps you take your risk assessment program to the next level.


Tom Bowers, Technical Editor of

Information Security magazine, presented this session at Information Security Decisions Fall 2005.


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Wouldn't it be nice if security divisions within the enterprise were flush with capital and could invest the appropriate time and money to do a thorough risk assessment? After all, only by analyzing threats and vulnerabilities and quantifying potential losses can a company understand the countermeasures it needs in place. In the real world, security groups struggle to provide executives with business justifications that demonstrate what they are bringing to the table. Fortunately, a number of inexpensive and free risk assessment packages are available that attach real numbers to vulnerabilities. This presentation provides an overview of those tools and helps you take your risk assessment program to the next level.


  • An understanding of the real value in risk assessment
  • Details on tools that won't break the budget
  • An overview of the commercial tool landscape
  • Information on how to use these tools effectively
  • Insight into the best way to deliver risk assessment results to management

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