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PayPal CISO: Laws must foster better cybersecurity information sharing

SAN FRANCISCO -- PayPal Inc. CISO Michael Barrett believes that to make a fundamental difference in the ongoing fight against cyberattackers, enterprises must learn how to improve their cybersecurity information-sharing efforts.

"Without question, information sharing is one of the key disciplines," Barrett said, "and we're not -- as the 'defense team' -- very good at that."

In this interview, conducted at the 2013 RSA Conference, Barrett discusses the problems facing information security intelligence-sharing initiatives, such as the National Council of Information Sharing and Analysis Centers (ISACs), as well as the crucial change that's needed to improve information sharing.

Barrett also discussed the evolution of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard and why it had a minimal effect on PayPal's information security program, as well as how PayPal is preparing to secure the growing mobile payment ecosystem.

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A better framework for Information Sharing should be based upon the "need to know" structure.

Meaning that, only the companies and/individuals that "need to know" should be informed via a secure channel.

Alex Christopher Johnson
Yes, but how do you decide who makes the 'need to know' list? What criteria do you use?