• Enterprise security intelligence and analysis

    Is your enterprise security intelligence and analysis fully optimized? Expert Nick Selby discusses threat intelligence and talks about some best practices.

  • The advanced persistent threat and security of online banking

    In this video, U.S. Assistant Attorney Erez Liebermann discusses how law enforcement is addressing the advanced persistent threat (APT) within the financial industry, as well as the security of online banking.

  • Vendor management process for financial services

    In this video get tips from expert Eric Holmquist on how to handle vendors to optimize security and minimize risk. Topics include risk assessment, due diligence best practices, common mistakes financial firms make in their vendor management programs, and managing cloud service providers.

  • Internal compliance program for Massachusetts data protection law

    Having a holistic compliance program is crucial to successfully complying with data security and privacy regulations. In this video, Rick Gammell, director of enterprise information risk management at MassMutual Financial Group, describes how his company tackled compliance with the Massachusetts data protection law.

  • Web application security for financial services firms

    Protecting Web applications is especially important for financial firms that may have online banking or trading capabilities. In this video, Warren Axelrod explains best practices for creating and maintaining secure Web applications.

  • Outsourcing and cloud computing for financial services firms

    In this video, C. Warren Axelrod explains the security risk and potential benefits of outsourcing and cloud computing for financial services firms.

  • Malware and email authentication in financial services

    Malware and fighting phishing with email authentication are major security topics for financial services firms. In part two of this video, Paul Smocer discusses the threats and mitigation options.

  • GRC for financial firms: Managing risk, vendors and change

    Learn about managing risks, vendors and change in the first part of a two-part interview with financial-services security expert Eric Holmquist.

  • GRC for financial firms: The latest threats

    In this video, expert Eric Holmquist explains what to look out for in the current threat landscape, including Automated Clearing House (ACH) fraud. He also discusses pandemic planning and how tabletop exercises are critical for successful disaster recovery planning.

  • Seven GRC best practices for information security

    Learn the seven most important practices to use when implementing governance, risk and compliance at your enterprise.

  • Red Flags Rule and preparing for new regulations

    Financial institutions face tough compliance requirements in the Red Flags Rule and the new Massachusetts data protection law. In this video, Richard Mackey discusses how companies can create an effective compliance framework.

  • Fighting fraud: Understanding technology and threats

    Fraud is one of the main concerns of financial institutions today, but how should they go about preventing it? What techniques, training or technology should they put in place? In this video, Nick Holland of Aite Group talks about fraud trends, including ACH fraud, and how organizations are tackling the problem.


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