• FFIEC guidance on RDC: Guidance overview

    Working with remote deposit capture can leave some financial institutions vulnerable to fraud. In part one of this three-part series, Dan Fisher explains the FFIEC's guidance on how to handle RDC risk.

  • FFIEC guidance on RDC: Risk management basics

    Remote deposit capture can create a lot of risk for financial institutions. In part two of this three-part series, Dan Fisher gives insight into RDC risk management basics.

  • FFIEC guidance on RDC: Top five RDC mistakes

    How do financial institutions slip up when it comes to remote deposit capture? In the final part of this three-part series, Dan Fisher discusses the top five RDC mistakes companies make, and how to avoid them.

  • Red Flags Rule compliance

    Learn about Red Flags Rule compliance from John Carlson, senior vice president of regulatory affairs for BITS, a division of the Financial Services Roundtable. Carlson offers insight on common compliance pitfalls and the state of compliance in the financial services industry.

  • Authentication advances for financial services firms

    Authentication security is one of the most important issues for financial services firms, but what does the authentication market look like, and where is it going? Paul Smocer, Vice President of BITS Financial Services Roundtable, weighs in.

  • Evolving authentication methods in the financial industry

    Paul Smocer, vice president of security at BITS, discusses the challenges financial institutions face in authenticating their customers and the latest methods available.

  • Data governance and classification

    Protecting data begins with well executed asset inventory and continues by constantly keeping tabs on where sensitive information is. Mark Weatherford, executive officer and chief information security officer of California's Office of Information Security and Privacy Protection, gives his advice on these important issues.

  • Data encryption: Lessons learned from implementation

    Implemention encryption can be a tricky process, so these tips from chief security architect for Allstate Insurance Co., Eric Leighninger, can help make your implementation much smoother.

  • Data encryption: Q&A with Eric Leighninger

    Eric Leighninger, the chief security architect for Allstate Insurance Co. answers audience members' questions on topics like data classification, Department of Defense standards and post-implementation patch updates, following his presentation on enterprise encryption.

  • Data encryption: Pre-implementation best practices

    Encryption is one of the must-have technologies for financial institutions, but implementation can be a tricky process. In this video, Eric Leighninger of Allstate Insurance Co. offers best practices on laying the groundwork for full-disk encryption in your enterprise.

  • PCI DSS: Best practices for compliance

    In this video, learn about the greatest challenges to PCI compliance, as well as dealing with application security for compliance, encryption and compensating controls.

  • Consumer authentication in the financial industry

    In this discussion of the future of consumer authentication, Burton Group senior analyst Mark Diodati describes several new authentication methods banks and financial firms are using and how they avoided some pitfalls.

  • The Societe Generale fraud story: Keith White on fraud

    In this interview video with Keith White, Vice President of Information Security Risk at Credit Suisse Group, he explains what happened in the fraud case at Societe Generale Corporate and Investment Banking, and what controls should be put in place to prevent such a case at other financial institutions.